15 years of journey through advising is a long way off - a lot of excitement and experience... We thank everyone we met on the way. Our Team is already a small army, but it cares about our values and sense of community as a family. We still share the same passion for discovery and conquest!

On this page you can see how we celebrate and recall the different stages of our journey. The anniversary brings back memories, but what still lies ahead is equally important to us. We invite you to join us and look forward to our journey.

Rafał Olesiński

Managing Partner O&W

How are we celebrating?

Join our action

We believe that only by acting in accordance with our values we can fully enjoy our success. What has united us for many years is our love for animals and respect for nature. Dozens of adopted dogs and cats, legal interventions, sometimes physical assistance - this is what we have been doing for a long time, and our pro bono activity has been appreciated, among others, in last year's Ranking of Law Firms of the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily.

Therefore, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary in accordance with our values – by continuing our tradition of helping the Ekostraż Foundation.


At O&W, we care about not only those animals that wait for us every day at home, but also those that have not yet found their home.

What do we want to do?

We are going to build an enclosure for animals at the Ekostraż shelter in Wrocław, where they will be able to play and which, we hope, will help them find new, loving owners faster!

What do we need to achieve this goal?

Good intentions for a start, then the funds for preparing the area, purchasing a fence and the necessary equipment, and also hard-working people to help make the area friendly for animals and visitors. We will support the initiative by covering half of the costs and by engaging in the building process.

Do you support our action? Join in!

In addition to our own activities, we have also organised a fundraising campaign, thanks to which everyone can make their own contribution to improving the living conditions at the Ekostraż shelter - we invite you to support the Foundation!

are we

Today, O&W is a group of associated consulting companies which are made up not only of experienced experts, but above all, of valuable people. We believe that it is thanks to teamwork that we can:

  • Legal and tax consultancy
  • Strategic and expert consultancy
  • Legal-tech
  • Analytical and IT competence
  • Business models
  • Benchmarks, due diligence
  • Accounting, accounting consultancy
  • Financial statements
  • Payroll
  • Tax compliance
  • Administration
  • Special tasks/ Outsourcing
  • Startup support
  • help other companies to operate in accordance with the law, as well as take part in the creation of this law (we take part in numerous consultations on GDPR/TMT, we are members of many working groups at the Ministry of Finance);
  • provide opinions and advice on new technologies, as well as be the creators of our own innovative IT tools (MDRnow, Whistlink, NIPnow... Some others are still to come!);
  • implement for our Clients the solutions that we apply for ourselves (pandemic crisis management, remote work and many others);
  • operate both in the Polish and international markets thanks to our membership in renowned networks (even though we are a company with only Polish capital).

How have we changed?



• The team of partners grows. This time it is joined by two advisors - Michał Bogacz and Filip Mroczkowski

• We respond rapidly to the coronavirus pandemic crisis. Within 24 hours, we create the website prawokoronawirus.pl to support entrepreneurs in this difficult time

• In the capital, we move even closer to the city centre, to 126/134 Marszałkowska Street

• O&W goes global - we establish contact and start cooperation with the international network of consulting companies Moore Global

• As every year, our trainees take their professional exams, we celebrate this year with a record fourteen new barristers!

• Another distinction in the The Legal 500 ranking, this time in three categories: Tax, TMT and Data privacy and data protection

• Rafał Olesiński engages in the 'Leaders' Dialogue' by taking part in a discussion in which the questions may be more important than the answers, since good questions pave the way to valuable answers

• 15 years and almost 150 employees, how many will we be when we celebrate our 20th anniversary

• When have those 15 years flown by?!

• Getting started - full immersion and all ahead! The idea of integrating the law and taxes makes some people laugh, but our Clients happy!

• First headquarters in Wrocław, Św. Mikołaja Street (is the space of 120 square metres not too much?!)

• At the end of the year, the team consists of 7 people, the average age is well below 30...

• The first Badminton Tournament – we have continued this tradition until today

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